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PE- ARISHIDA by Ishida1694 PE- ARISHIDA by Ishida1694
(( Info still in progress ))

: Arishida Itomaru
Pokémon: Ariados
Job: Bounty Hunter
Faction: The Forbidden Hollow
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5'10"
Ability:  Insomnia
Moves: Night Shade, Electro Web, Cross Poison, Fell Stinger

Likes: Justice, Fruit, Bad Jokes, Miren , Mikiko , Swinging, Little Kids

Dislikes: Selfish people, Rain, Hearing the "I'll beat you with Fire" speech

Personality: Ultimately, a happy and out going man, despite his anti-social life. Arishida is usually the first person to smile and crack a terrible joke. The man could be labeled a "bleeding heart" as he can easily be too invested in people he cares for. His other stronger traits are his strong sense of justice, his borderline obnoxious "boyscout" way of conducting himself and his passionate side.

History: In the warring era of days past, Arishida's Itomaru clan thrived. A secluded clan of ninja of Ariados, who lived in a closed and secret community and contributed their talents to the war in services from assassinations to spying. Arishida's father had gained a reputation for being a fearsome and mysterious individual amongst the battlefield. The clan lived well off of their work and spent most of the warring era in peace, only until the final year of the war.
As the conflict slowly edged itself to a resolution, so would the Itomaru clan's work. Ten years had passed after the conflict came to a close and the people of the Itomaru clan would live in a decade of tranquility. In this time, many children were born, one of them being Arishida . On a frozen night of that last December, the Itomaru clan was sought out and eliminated in one horrible night. Though the reason would never be brought to light, it could be considered that they held too much information or rather landed on several individuals black lists due to their field work. Regardless, the only Itomaru clan member who would survive the terrible incident was a small ten year old, Arishida.
In his earliest of ages, Arishida, like many of his other clan-siblings, was taught the clans ancient form of ninjitsu. An art form practiced only amongst the ariados clan. Though they were never expected to use it, it was mostly for the sake of passing it down their blood line. Due to the passing of Ari's family, he only had what his father had instilled in him, both of the art form and a sense of justice. Devastated from his loss as any child would be, Ari decided to take something from the nightmare: "Become strong, strong enough to stop this from happening to someone else." Taking over ten more years to teach himself in utter seclusion, Arishida developed himself into a some-what of a master practitioner of his family's style.
Upon the age of 21, Arishida then took the late uniform of his people, and took out into the world, declaring his own war on the crooks, murderers and criminals of his time. -
Upon acclimating himself into society and the ways of his world, Arishida slowly came to learn of how it was between the beautiful Empire and his own home, the forbidden hollows. Beings secluded from this for his entire life, Ari knew everyone as a stranger and couldn't understand the grudge between the two places. Perhaps somehow, he can lend a hand to mending the feud between the two before a new war presents itself to his own adult-life. That being said, neither citizen nor hollower would be safe should they do wrong under the eye of the mysterious man from the Itomaru clan.

PokedoEmpire: Miren Huang by nooniepupPokedoEmpire NPC: Mikiko by nooniepup

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CrowMoe Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
:icondatcow: //yells at him from limbo

Good to see ari back, Ishi
Ishida1694 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
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yesh yesh Ouo HE IS INDEED \O\
nooniepup Featured By Owner May 12, 2014

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*loves all his spidy poses, he ish a sho cooool!*
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Ishida1694 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
McLash Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Cool,another fellow ninja!And his story is very similar to Koji's,since he too is the last member of Yamashi's clan.Who knows,maybe he end up helping Koji if the umbreon ever allow himself to trust him.
Livewire42V Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
And the pot gets stirred :iconfuckyeaplz:
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